• Web Based Monitoring & Energy Management Systems of Street Lights
  • Solar Street Lights
  • LED Kits for Street lights (8Watt/20Watt/30Watt/75Watt/150Watt)
  • Street Light Electronic Timers (Weekly/Daily Programming)
  • Street light timer units (Single Phase & Three Phase)
WEB BASED MONITORING & ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS OF STREET LIGHTS :: Web based Monitoring has different usage modes.The Management is done through a Central Control Room wherein the Street Light Controllers are joined together through Internet/ethernet. The Web Interface is based on well proven Control Room Services. The servers are hosted by Internet hosting companies. SaveLight Web Interface can be used from any PC or device which supports internet Web or WAP browsing. Only authorized users can use the service. SaveLight Web Interface can be maintained remotely. New control units, users, groups, views, reports etc. can be added and configured remotely. SaveLight Web Interface gives instant status of the street lights on the dynamic map. The problems like burned lamps or fuses are automatically detected. Alarms can be automatically forwarded to servicemen’s cell phones or e-mails. The multi featured interface has alarm views, trend views, process views, reports and much more! Lights are switched ON/OFF according to light sensor, time table, traffic sensor or manual command. Lights can be dimmed according to timetable or traffic sensor. Dimming is based on main voltage drop. The light control unit has an adaptive algorithm for detecting burned lamps. The algorithm is based on current and voltage measurements. The light control unit’s advanced diagnostics sends alarm message if some failure occurs. All transformers for sensors can be assembled without cutting any wires. Thus the assembly is fast and easy even where older light control system exists. Control Units communicate with central server through GSM / GPRS networks.
SOLAR STREET LIGHTS :: Available in 12W/18W/36W CFL/LED Lamp ; Inbuilt with Intelligent Chargers with Low Voltage & High Voltage Cutoff ; Automatic Dawn-OFF and Duk-ON Facility ; Modular RFP Fittings .
LED KITS FOR STREET LIGHTS(8 WATTS/20 WATTS/30 WATTS/75 WATTS/150 WATTS) :: Based on the classic modular design, our first generation LED street lights, our upgraded generation improves the module design as 4 × 6 arrays. The light efficiency is much higher and much more effective based on the lens design. This design of new generation LED street lights have really achieved a high luminous efficiency, low power consumption and excellent heat dissipation characteristics. By scientific calculating, compared to the first generation LED street lights, lighting efficiency of the whole LED streetlights can raise by 20%, temperature rising can be decreased by 20% and the energy saving rate can be increased by 20%.
STREET LIGHT ELECTRONIC TIMERS(WEEKLY/ DAILY PROGRAMMING) :: FEATURES : Micro-controller based smart smart energy saver device ; Rugged construction and easy to operate ; Easy time setting facility with password protection to avoid unauthorized access ; User friendly menu driven programming of ON/OFF Time and Real time setting ; LCD display for real time, ON time and OFF time ; Work as energy saver by arrangement of switching of alternate or specified lights after 11:30 PM or at desired time . RANGE : 20 Amps with direct connections ; Available with contractors for Heavy Duty applications . APPLICATIONS : Switching of streetlight & security light for yards, farmhouses, gardens, water supply etc ; Switching of illumination lights of shopping complexes, high-rise buildings, hotels and Govt. buildings .
STREET LIGHT TIMER UNIT (SINGLE PHASE & THREE PHASE) :: Application Specified Integrated chip Technolology Used Circuit ; Micro Controller Based Timer ; High Quality of Soldering Technology for Long Life ; Options have been endowed to co-ordinate the various climatic ; Conditions for ON Times and OFF times Settings ; High Quality Transformer ; Power Relay to drive high wattage Load ; The Module has an option to switch between Auto / Manual ; Battery Backup has been provided for 20 days ; Digital Display for easy opertion ; Powder Coated Cabinet Box

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