Traffic Signals

  • Traffic Signal Accessories
  • Voice output Systems
  • Down Counter Timers
  • Remote controlled Traffic Lights
  • Police Control Panels
  • GSM Based Traffic Signal Control


BATTERY CHARGERS : Our Traffic Signals directly operate on 24V/12VDC(DC-DC) system thus negating the use of DC-AC-DC systems,ensuring Longer life,reduced losses and wear & Tear . Salient Features are : 10 AMP 24V Battery Chargers ; 20 AMP 24V Battery Chargers ; 5 AMP 12V Battery Chargers ; 5 AMP 24V Battery Chargers and other Ranges as per customer specifications. All Battery Chargers are equipped with Voltmeter , Ammeters , Low voltage Cutoff , high Voltage cutoff , Trickle Charging , Indications & connectors . All chargers are Guaranteed for One Year
BLINKER UNITS : 2 AMP/5 AMP (AC/DC) Blinker units with 30-60 flashes per minute.
SOLAR BLINKERS : Inbuilt Blinker unit with Battery chargers for solar based blinkers(range DC-2AMP/ 5AMP) .
HEAVY DUTY TRANSFORMERS : Indegenous designs & production of copper wound transformers available . 1AMP (0-12-24V) , 2Amp (0-12-24V) , 10Amp (0-12-24-27V) , 20 AMP (0-12-24-27V) , 40AMP (0-12-24-27-33V) , 50AMP (0-12-24-27-33V) . Other designs as per Customer Specifications.
PANEL BOXES / PEDESTALS : Complete range of electrical Pedestals/Panel Boxes as per customer design .
VOICE OUTPUT SYSTEM : Micro Controller based voice output system for helping blind people cross the road , Traffic signal Junction , Police Messages etc. Recording for 4 chennels available , Min 10 second recording possible .
DOWNCOUNTER TIMERS : 2 / 2 1/2/ 3 Digit Down-counter timer to depict remaining time for the vehicular Traffic available in MS/RFP bodies , Size of Letter- 6"/8"/10"/12". The timers have 4 channel inputs to depict the time of Red / Amber / Green / Side green timings .
POLICE CONTROL PANELS : Special Police Panels with facility with Lamps Off / Lamps on ; Direct Green 1/2/3/4 ( for Emergency Movement) ; Flasher/Blinker ; All Red ; Priority Switches .
GSM CONTROLLED DEVICES : GSM facility to operate the traffic signals during emergency through Hand held Mobile phones etc.
RF BASED DEVICES : Remote Controlled operation for operating Traffic Signals with range upto (1-300 meters) for Emergency operation .

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